Basic requirements for mechanical equipment assembly

 Announcements     |      2018-07-14 21:22

1. Before the assembly, carefully check the shape and dimensional accuracy of the parts. Pay special attention to the various markings on the parts to avoid misassembly.


2. The parts that are fixedly connected shall have no gap; the parts that are connected in motion shall be able to move flexibly and evenly in the specified direction.


3. Various shifting and changing mechanisms must be in the correct position and flexible in operation. The handle position and shifting table should be in accordance with the machine's operating requirements.


4. There must be no protruding screw heads and pin heads on the outside of the high-speed running mechanism.


5. All kinds of moving parts are in contact with the watch. It is necessary to ensure that there is enough lubricating oil and the oil circuit should be unblocked.


6. After the sealing parts of various pipes are assembled, there shall be no leakage.


7. After each component is assembled, it must be carefully inspected and cleaned, especially in sealed boxes (such as gear boxes, etc.).


8. Before the test, the reliability of the connection of each component should be carefully checked. The test should be carried out gradually from low speed to high speed. Do not use high speed at the beginning. And according to the test situation, make the necessary adjustments to meet the speed requirements.


9. Apply paint on the unmachined surface and apply anti-rust paint on the machined surface.