Workshop management regulations

 Announcements     |      2018-07-14 21:24

In order to maintain a good production order, improve labor productivity, and ensure smooth production, the following management systems are in place:

1. No outsiders may enter the workshop work site without permission.


2. All equipment, instruments, and non-local personnel are strictly forbidden to start or close, and offenders shall be punished according to the circumstances.


3. Obey the commute time, have time to take leave, and leave after approval.


4. Employees must be wearing work clothes in the workshop.


5. It is forbidden to bring raw materials, semi-finished products and accessories to the scene without the approval of the department leaders.


6. It is strictly forbidden to pull and connect cables and air pipes in the workshop. The safe passage is not allowed to stack items.


7. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the workshop, smoking in warehouses and paint areas.


8. On-site staff, during work, are not allowed to do things that are not related to work.


9. Before leaving work, you must organize the products and work surfaces of your position and clean the work site.


10. Encourage employees to promote good advice, once rewarded based on practicality.