Workshop safety producing management

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 20:50

In order to strengthen fire and safety production management, prevent accidents, maintain personal and property safety, and ensure the orderly work of the maintenance workshop, this system is specially formulated.

 First,Safety management system

1. The workshop implements the fire and safety production management system of “team responsibility, department management, leadership guidance, and full participation”;

2. Under the guidance of the principle of “safety first, prevention first”, to do a good job in fire protection and safety production, we must resolutely implement the principle of “management of production while managing safety” and strengthen safety management;

3. It is necessary to strengthen supervision and publicity, and to criticize and suggest those who ignore safety producers.

Second, the safety management system

"Fire prevention and accident prevention" is a long-term and arduous task. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the policy of "all-people mobilization, prevention-oriented", continuously improve the safety awareness of all employees, implement various safety measures, and ensure the development of production.

1. No one shall damage or misappropriate special fire-fighting equipment such as fire-fighting equipment and equipment. The lighter shall compensate for the loss and the heavy one shall be held accountable; the safety responsible persons at all levels shall regularly carry out fire safety inspections to ensure the safety of the company.

2. In order to ensure safe use of electricity, the electrician regularly checks the power supply lines and auxiliary equipment for each month, and finds problems in a timely manner and records them for future reference.

3. All production sites in the workshop and warehouse are strictly prohibited from smoking.

4. The workshop staff strictly implements the safe operation procedures of various equipments and types of work.

5. Regularly maintain production equipment, tools and fire-fighting equipment to ensure the integrity and normal operation of equipment, tools and fire-fighting facilities.

6. All equipment and fireproof passages are strictly prohibited from stacking sundries, flammable and explosive materials, and the company's fire protection system is strictly implemented.

7. When using equipment and starting electrical appliances, it is necessary to do a safety check in advance. When closing, pay attention to whether there are any obstacles or personnel under the equipment.

8, the use of a variety of flammable materials, oil, acetylene, oxygen, etc., to stay away from fire sources, do a good job of fire prevention measures, improve vigilance, after use, check whether there is a fire hazard at the scene.

9. It is not allowed to pull or wire the electricity privately. It is strictly forbidden for the informal electrician to carry out high-voltage operation.

10. Turn off the electrical and lighting power after work, close the doors and windows, set the tools, clean up the debris and sludge on the work surface to ensure the ground is clean.

11. Implementing the responsibility system for all responsible persons at all levels, and which level of work is not properly investigated for which level of safety responsibility.

12. Regular inspections and timely rectification of fire hazards and safety hazards. Employees are inspected once a day after work and before work, and each team is checked once a week.

13. All operators must abide by this safety system and obey the safety management and supervision of safety attorneys at all levels of the company. 

14. Those who do not abide by this system and disregard fire and safety production supervision shall be dealt with according to the public security fire prevention regulations and the company's relevant system. If a fire or fire accident occurs due to negligence, the person directly responsible shall be investigated according to law, and the relevant leaders and safety responsible persons shall be investigated. Responsibility.