CNC flame cutting machine safety operation procedures

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 20:54

1. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, electrical system, and method of operation of the equipment. And passed the examination and passed the certificate.


2. Before working, check the air circuit system, whether the torch is leaking, whether the torch is blocked, and whether the other is normal.


3. Oxygen cylinders and industrial fuel bottles (acetylene) should be placed at a distance of more than 5 meters.


4. Preheated oxygen, high pressure oxygen, industrial gas (acetylene gas) and three hoses for gas path system, regulator, solenoid valve, fast oxygen solenoid valve, one-way check valve, high pressure oxygen solenoid valve Pressure gauges and tempering preventers should be sensitive and reliable.


5. Keep the floppy disk drive clean to prevent dust from affecting the tape.


6. The main guide surface and the cross-rail surface must be cleaned after use. Do not touch the oil and maintenance. Do not place any foreign objects on the surface of the guide. When lifting the lifting materials and workpieces, do not cross the track and should enter from both ends of the track.


7. Do not place flammable or explosive materials near the cutting machine. Explosion-proof measures are required. There must be no strong magnetic field equipment (such as AC welding machine), which will affect the normal operation of the equipment.


8. After the gas cutting machine is used, the remaining gas in the pipeline must be discharged, the power supply is cut off, the key is removed, and the site is cleaned.