Grinding wheel machine safety operation

 Announcements     |      2018-08-22 21:20

1. The new grinding wheel must first test for 30-40 minutes, then check whether the grinding wheel and bearing rotation is stable, with or without vibration and other undesirable phenomena.


2. The grinding wheel should be regularly inspected for cracks and the ends of the thread are locked.


3. The grinder must be equipped with a protective cover, and it is not allowed to take it off casually.


4. The distance between the grinding wheel and the shelf should not be too large. Generally, the gap should be less than 3 mm to prevent the grinding parts from being brought into the gap during the sharpening and crushing the grinding wheel.


5. After the grinding wheel is started, it needs to be stabilized before grinding. The operator should stand on the side and cannot stand on the rotating plane of the grinding wheel, so as to avoid the injury of the grinding wheel.


6. Do not grind the workpiece on both sides of the grinding wheel. It is forbidden to use two grinding wheels at the same time for grinding.


7. Do not grind heavy and large workpieces on the grinder. Do not use excessive force to compress the grinding wheel for grinding.


8. Fingers should not be attached to the grinding wheel to prevent rubbing off fingers or hurting people.


9. The continuous working time of the grinder should not exceed 10 minutes to avoid overloading the motor.


10. Grinders should not be used to grind wood, stone, bricks, tiles, etc.