Anhui Xinyida Polishing Machinery Co., Ltd. won the title of 2017 tax credit rating A-level enterprise

 Company News     |      2018-08-27 22:27

Recently, the State Administration of Taxation and Hefei District Economic and Trade Zone Taxation Bureau assessed and awarded the company's 2017 annual tax credit rating "A-level" enterprise title. This is the first time since the establishment of Anhui Xinyida Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd.. This is also a great affirmation of the tax authorities' past tax work.

Under the guidance of the business philosophy of administering enterprises according to law and paying taxes according to law, Anhui Xinyida polishing machine adheres to the principle of “following legal obligations and paying taxes in accordance with the law”, and declares, pays taxes and actively learns relevant tax laws in tax management work. The regulations have strengthened communication and exchanges with the competent tax authorities, and have achieved good results with long-term efforts. The title of “A-level taxpayer” won the promotion of the company's brand image and played an active role in further expanding the market and compliance development of Anhui Xinyida Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd.. Class A taxpayers will become another "golden business card" for the company.