Brief Discussion on Mirror Finishing Technology with flat Polishing Machine

 Company News     |      2018-09-20 11:41

The mirror polishing technology of Flat polishing machine is an emerging comprehensive processing technology. It integrates advanced technological achievements such as modern machinery, optics, electronic computer, measurement and materials, and has become an important symbol of the development level of national science and technology.


With the continuous development of various new functional ceramic materials, and the wide application of these materials in various high-performance electronic components, optics, information systems, etc., the processing precision of components and parts is increasing, and some even Requires nanometer or higher machining accuracy and non-damaging surface finish quality. For polishing, it is mainly to remove the slight protrusions and surface damage layers on the surface of the workpiece to maintain the specular luminosity while maintaining the good flatness of the grinding. Therefore, it is required to polish the entire workpiece surface with and without directionality. Reflected in speed, the relative velocity of each point on the surface of the workpiece should be constant at all times. The workpiece is a rigid body that is not deformed, and the polishing disk is an elastic body that can be deformed according to the shape of the workpiece. At this time, the thickness and shape change of the abrasive grains and the machining fluid between the two can be neglected, and it is considered that the workpiece and the polishing disc are completely tightly pressed; when the workpiece size is larger than the polishing disc radius, or the eccentricity is too large, the workpiece is exposed. The polishing disc has a part of the surface that cannot be in constant contact with the polishing disc; when the workpiece parallelism error exceeds the allowable range during the grinding or polishing process, the parallelism needs to be corrected.

In the mirror polishing process of the Flat polishing machine , it can be considered that the removal amount of the workpiece is mainly determined by the length of the grinding path, so that the length of the grinding path directly controlling the surface of the workpiece can more accurately control the removal amount of the workpiece.