Installation guide for dished end polishing machine

 Company News     |      2018-10-11 17:03

Dished head polishing machine manufacturers have discovered that with the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, surface polishing treatment technology is now widely used in various accessories and accessories, from life to machinery, electronics, aerospace equipment, and plastic, wood, stone, and non- Metal materials and metal materials have different requirements for surface polishing.

The new automatic Dished head polishing machine is an important part of mechanical polishing in order to obtain a good mirror effect, especially the 6m long material. The uniform uniformity of the mechanical polishing of the new automatic head polishing machine is the main point of control. A few manufacturers in pursuit of low cost, less investment, using manual single-branch aluminum polishing, with solid polishing wax, polishing wheel for pure cotton, hardness is small, wheel width 30 ~ 80mm, wheel diameter 180 ~ 250mm, pressure by artificial control.


The problems caused by improper operation of the new Automatic Dished head polishing machine are:

1. The new automatic head polishing machine has low production efficiency. 

2.the surface is uneven, the pressure of the human hand changes, although the surface will look the same after mechanical polishing, but the phenomenon of uneven brightness will appear after oxidation. 3. Due to improper pressure control of the new automatic head polishing machine, excessive burning will occur in areas with excessive pressure, and surface roughness and pitting will occur after oxidation. 

3.the solid wax is difficult to clean, easy to contaminate the triacid tank, and if the solid wax is not high in purity, its impurities will destroy the polished surface. 

4.the new automatic head polishing machine cloth line speed is not enough, generally less than 15m / s, and the cloth wheel is not enough soft cutting force, so it is only suitable for fine polishing, coarse throwing will use the hemp wheel, increasing the cost of the process.

Installation method of new automatic head polishing machine:

(A) Place the new Automatic Dished head polishing machine on a flat concrete foundation.

(B) When the machine tool is installed, first find the main machine, and then take the axis of the main guide wheel as the reference, and find the positive and the active guide wheel axes of the discharge device coincide, and the concentricity error should not exceed 1/1000. After the whole machine is aligned, the expansion bolts are fixed.

(C) The main unit is connected to the universal joint shaft of the transmission of the feeding and discharging device.

(D) The main air exhaust port and the dust collector are connected according to the site conditions. The machine is not equipped with a dust collector at random. If necessary, please declare when signing the contract. 

(E) The electrical wiring diagram of the new automatic head polishing machine is connected with the control cabinet.