Install the tank head polishing machine

 Industry News     |      2023-02-02 13:57

Installation method of new automatic head polishing machine :

1.Place the new automatic dish head polishing machine on a flat concrete foundation.

2.When the machine tool is installed,first find the main machine,and then take the axis of the main guide wheel as the reference,and find the positive and the active guide wheel axis of the discharge device coincide,and the   concentricity error  should not exceed 1/100.After the whole machine is aligned,the expansion bolts are fixed. 

3.The main unit is connected to the universal joint shaft of the transmission of the feeding and discharging device.14:45:59

4.The main air exhaust port and the dust collector are connected according to the site conditions.The machine is not equipped with a dust collector at random.If necessary,please declare when signing the contract.

5.The electrical wiring diagram of the new automatic head polishing machine is connected with the control cabinet.