3 meter CNC dished end polishing machine

 Feature Articles     |      2018-07-14 20:49

The first environmentally friendly CNC head polishing machine in China, the Model 3000 is an improved one. On the basis of the 1000 CNC head polishing machine, a set of grinding heads is added. Polishing the equipment is specially designed for internal and external grinding of Ф500-3000mm head; when the diameter of the head is Ф1500-3000mm, the two grinding heads can be polished in time delay, improving the processing efficiency by more than 30%, providing manpower transformation and upgrading for the enterprise. Reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency and product quality across development. Widely used in medicine, food, purification, water supply, chemicals, LNG new energy and other industries.

At present, the head polishing machine on the domestic market is subject to manual adjustment during grinding, which has high technical requirements and professionalism, and has problems such as low polishing efficiency and difficult product quality control. Based on years of manufacturing experience and customer usage, we have developed the CNC head polishing machine with servo system, automatic control, imported pressure sensor and other advanced technology. The pressure of the grinding head is automatically adjusted with different orientations, without human intervention, any personnel It can operate, and can operate multiple devices by one person. The operator only needs to replace the abrasive belt and workpiece. Pneumatic clamping automatic centering (3000 type is screw clamping), fast and convenient, easy to operate, one button to complete, grinding efficiency is greatly improved.