What are the uses of stainless steel polishing machines?

 Feature Articles     |      2018-08-25 21:15

For the people in the manufacturing industry, the polishing machine is no stranger. This is a kind of electric tool. The components are mainly the base, the disc, the polishing fabric, the polishing cover and the polishing cover. Generally, polishing is divided into rough polishing and fine polishing, and coarse polishing refers to taking out the polishing damage layer, and fine polishing is also called fine polishing, which is for the treatment of surface damage caused by rough polishing. Handheld polishers are no longer suitable for some larger workpieces. With the development of science and technology, a new polishing machine has also appeared, this is the stainless steel polishing machine. So what are the uses of this new stainless steel polishing machine?

The stainless steel polishing machine, as its name implies, is a polishing machine for surface treatment of stainless steel workpieces. The purpose of this polishing machine is mainly in the following aspects:

First, the removal of the finished burr, the polishing of the stainless steel surface;

Second, the surface of the rust damage is treated to make the product more beautiful;

Third, polishing and smoothing on the surface of the finished product, surface treatment;

Fourth, the remaining work is polished and washed, and the mirror effect is achieved one by one;

Fifth, the removal of the oxide film is performed without damaging the shape of the surface layer of the workpiece.

These five aspects are the main purpose of the stainless steel polishing machine. It is based on the use of the five aspects of the stainless steel polishing machine, we can know the use of this polishing machine. This polishing opportunity is more suitable for automotive LNG cryogenic cylinders, LNG cylinders, stainless steel plane polishing industry, automatic lathe parts processing, die casting, stamping parts work, and parts processing in electronics, communications, medical and other industries. The application industry is very extensive.