What are the preparations for the belt polishing machine?

 Feature Articles     |      2018-08-25 21:55

The belt polishing machine is an important product in the polishing machine series. It is ground in a very unique way, mainly through the magnetic field to make high-speed transformation of the ground material for grinding and cleaning, and finally to achieve the polishing effect. Below our professional manufacturer of head polishing machine, we will talk about the preparation of the belt polishing machine.

The first thing to note is that because the abrasive belt polishing machine will show a lot of dust after grinding the material, we have to prepare the mask in advance.

Secondly, the noise of the belt polishing machine is very loud. We need to bring the earplugs. The primary effect of earplugs is to avoid the effects of noise on the body. Of course, choose earplugs that are easy to work with.

The final eye mask is also an essential protective tool. During the operation of the grinder, some ground metal powder will be splashed out of the machine, so we must do a good job of protection.

The above is the preparation work that everyone must do in advance. For more related knowledge, please pay attention to the details of our Anhui Xinyida Polishing Machinery Co., Ltd. official website.