Usage and working principle of the new polishing machine

 Feature Articles     |      2018-10-23 15:10

The new polishing machine is widely used in the mechanical polishing industry. The new polishing machine consists of an electric motor and one or two polishing wheels. The motor rotates the polishing wheel at a high speed, and the polishing part needs to be in contact with the polishing wheel coated with the polishing agent to generate friction, so that the surface of the workpiece can be thrown to a smooth light.


There are two types of new polishing machines. One is a vertical new type of polishing machine. The polishing wheel material uses a laminated cloth wheel or a cotton cloth wheel. The other is a newly designed special-purpose new polishing machine called a new flat-angle polishing machine or a horizontal new polishing machine. The utility model is characterized in that the polishing wheel surface is inclined at an angle of 45° with the operation table surface, which is convenient for processing operation, and the workpiece is in a right angle contact with the polishing wheel surface during polishing, thereby avoiding accidental abrasion caused by the non-polished portion. The polishing wheel material is made of ultra-fine emery paper and compressed thin felt. Ultra-fine sandpaper is used for rough polishing, and thin felts have special polishing agents for fine polishing.