CNC reduction furnace polishing machine

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Product description:

It adopts double servo system (double grinding head grinding and polishing is completed continuously, improving the efficiency by more than 30%, and one-button operation is completed), which improves production efficiency and is suitable for batch operation.

Advanced technology such as imported pressure sensor, the pressure of the grinding head is automatically constant, no human intervention is required. The pneumatic clamping of the workpiece is automatically centered, which is quick and convenient.

Fully enclosed shield with transparent window for easy viewing. It can be equipped with a dust suction device and meets environmental protection requirements.

Equipment overview:

The workpiece is fixed on the bracket does not rotate, the equipment column can be rotated by frequency conversion, and the grinding head is used to complete the grinding and polishing of the inner surface of the reactor. The use of thousands of impellers, cloth wheels and other consumables to achieve the surface roughness of the workpiece.

Scope of application:

Widely used in medical, chemical, environmental protection, purification equipment, and other materials that are not suitable for transverse rotation, such as thermal insulation materials. Polishing of the inner wall of each type of reactor (straight section and head section). The inner diameter of the workpiece is Φ1500-Φ3500mm and the height is 4000mm.

Product parameters:

Input total power is about 10Kw

Dimensions (L × W × H, in mm) : 3400 × 3400 × 5000 (including the base frame)

Vertical lifting stroke: 4300 mm

Column turntable diameter: φ1200mm, thickness: 30mm

Polishing motor power: 4KW Thousand impeller specifications: φ250mm × 50mm

Applicable polishing material: cloth wheel, hemp wheel Processing accuracy: surface roughness Ra0.4μm Production efficiency: 8 m2 / hour

808 Siemens CNC system, control cabinet cooling system, lighting system, backup power supply, etc.



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