Two-axis CNC polishing machine

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Product introduction:

The equipment is mainly used for grinding and polishing stainless steel cylinders, cones and inner and outer walls of the dished head. It consists of a cross main machine, a grinding head assembly, an electric control system, and a pneumatic system workpiece turntable.

The workpiece is mounted on the turntable for rotation. The column and the beam are horizontally controlled by the servo control beam, moving up and down, controlled by the NC program, driving the grinding head to follow the contour of the workpiece, and fully automatic operation to improve work efficiency.

Product parameters:(divided into large and small)

Workpiece range: ¢500mm~¢6000mm;

Length:  0~5000mm;

Vertical height: 3000~5500mm;

Small column stroke: 0~3000mm (optional)

Left and right stroke: 2500-5000mm;

Grinding head power: 4kw-7.5kw

Belt specification: 2540×50mm;

Turntable power: 0.75kw-3kw;  

Turntable speed: 1-20rpm;

Frequency conversion speed polishing efficiency: 6~10 (m2/hour);

Control (multiple choice): Siemens CNC, PLC Delta touch panel control, ordinary relay switch control


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