PLC Flat polishing machine

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Product introduction:

Flat polishing machine (double grinding head water throwing, cooling water filtration cycle using environmentally friendly economy, cooling and polishing heat deformation is small)

Applicable processing workpiece range:

width: 2000mm, the supplier provides 22kg track length 6m, the buyer needs to ensure the ground level (ground level 1000:1) with the installation, and prepare the workpiece platform.

Product parameters:

Grinding head:main motor power 11/14KW, double speed, 2 sets

Total weight of equipment: 3500KG, dimension: 5200x2000x1400(L*W*H, in mm)


Water circulation filtration system and corresponding pipelines. Grinding head, electrical waterproof treatment.

Water tank model:

HQ150, volume 150L, jet pump 210W, circulation pump 170W. The grinding head motor is designed and installed with a waterproof protective cover, and the electrical parts are waterproofed, and the water pipe and nozzle are equipped. It is equipped with 2 sets of XH-006s wax gun and 1 set of XH-006S wax barrel.


Electrical control:

PLC program control double grinding head can work at the same time or separately. The width of the board and the length of the board can be preset, water spray, spray wax (working time, interval time) control.


Work efficiency

1.5 meters wide and 6 meters in length, be polished to a mirror, using a double grinding head takes 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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