Automatic Inner tube polishing and grinding machine for length of 2.5m

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Product introduction:

Use thousand impeller or cloth wheel, hemp wheel. The beam is adjusted up and down to adjust the position of the grinding head. The beam is fixed to the left and right, the base of the equipment is travelling. The motor is placed at back of machine. The inner joint of the beam is connected, the rear end has a cylinder hinge to realize the floating, and the front part is mounted with the grinding head to polish.

Product parameters:

1. Input power is 5Kw

2. Equipment weight: 2500KG

3. Equipment dimensions (L × W × H, in mm): 3500 × 1600 × 2000

4. Grinding head motor power 3KW rated current 6.7A, maximum speed 2800r/min, weight 38KG.

5. Inner polishing diameter: 300mm-1000mm, length 2500mm, column moving, tank rotation, a total of two inverters, with tank rotation frame length 2000mm, width 1500mm, load 500kg.


Standard configuration:

1. The equipment is equipped with beam anti-drop device, precision processing of beam column track milling machine, track with dust removal blade

2. All motors adopt national standard four-wire system, grinding head motor with overload protector

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