PLC Welding Polishing Machine

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Product introduction:

For tank inside and outside diameter in mm: 750-4000, tank length in mm: 1219-2000 vertical longitudinal weld seam polishing

415V/50Hz/3P, the electromagnetic device controlled by the switch and button is in the range of 24-48V AC 50Hz,CE Compliant

Product parameters: 

Equipment dimensions in mm: 2000*1600*3500(L*W*H)

Diameter in mm of inside and outside of the tank: 750-4000, length of the tank in mm: 1219-2000, weight of the tank: 5T

Tank grinding head with 2.2KW aluminum alloy vertical secondary motor, sand belt thousand impeller interchange, belt width 30mm

1. Up and down walking, brake motor, linear track installation net, upper and lower screw sheath, control cabinet can be moved,

2. The polishing machine is equipped with an HD camera and an industrial monitor to observe the internal polishing.

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