Tank rolling table

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Product introduction:

Tank rolling table, load 2-10 tons, φ500-φ4500 mm range adjustable, driven by gear reducer motor, drive the tank horizontal rotation, speed variable frequency adjustable

Product parameters:

2T workpiece rolling table:

Carrying capacity: 2T, workpiece range φ400-φ3000 mm, rubber wheel diameter φ250 mm, width 120 mm, roller line speed 500-5000 mm/min, 1:3 spur gear reduction and 1:50 cycloid speed double maximal torque combined reduction system 1 set (2 sets), two-row wheel structure.

5T workpiece rolling table:

Carrying capacity: 5T, workpiece range: φ500-φ3000, total weight of equipment: 1280kg

Base 2000×30 2 pcs, line speed 5-20 m/min, motor 2×2.2 KW, 4 polyurethane wheels, φ350, width 160 mm, 1:3 spur gear reduction +1:50 cycloidal speed double max torque 2 sets of combined reduction system, two-row wheel structure.

10T rolling table (self-adjusting with polyurethane roller) :

Carrying capacity: 10T, workpiece range: φ400-4500 mm, total weight of equipment: 1500kg

8 polyurethane wheels φ350 mm width 120 mm, rolling table frame 3000mm×500mm×800mm 2 sets, workpiece range: φ500-φ4000, roller line speed 5-15 m/min, frequency control

2.2KW four-stage motor speed 1430r/min × 2 sets, double-stage cycloid BWD13-1: 187 speed ratio × 2 sets

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