Gas shielded welder safety technical operation procedures

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 21:00

First, the preparation work before welding

1. The operator must hold an electric welding special operation operation permit to be employed, and the apprentice personnel must be operated under the guidance of experienced personnel holding the certificate.

2, the construction personnel must wear a variety of labor insurance products, such as overalls, work caps, gloves, foot covers and other overalls should not be bundled in the waistband, the foot cover should be tied in the trousers.

3. The welding machine should be placed outside the wall and other equipment 300mzn, should be well ventilated, and should not be placed in direct sunlight, humidity and dust.

4. The wind speed at the welding work site should be small, and windproof measures should be taken when necessary.

5, C02 gas cylinder should be reliably fixed, placed in a place where the heat source is greater than 3m and the temperature is lower than 40 °C, the distance between the gas cylinder and the heat source should be greater than 3m. There shall be no dirt at the valve of the gas cylinder. When opening the valve of the gas cylinder, the face shall not be close to the air outlet.

6. Check the C02 gas pressure reducing valve and flow meter. The mounting nut should be tightened. The gas population and outlet of the pressure reducing valve and flow meter should not have any pollution and dust.

7. The welding machine casing is well grounded.

8. The connection of each connecting pipe should be firm and free of leakage.

9. The nozzle of the welding torch and the conductive parts should be well insulated. The contact between the contact tip and the welding wire should be reliable; the lubrication of the wire feeding mechanism and the gear box should be good.

10. Do not stack debris on the welder.


Second, should pay attention to the welding.

1. If the welding machine is found to have smoke and other malfunctions during the welding process, it must be stopped for inspection and must not be used for sickness.

2. Welding on pressure, gas, and live equipment is not allowed. It must be used under special circumstances. When welding, careful safety measures should be established and reported to the higher level for approval.

3. It is forbidden to weld in the room where flammable or explosive materials are stored. If it is necessary to weld, reliable safety measures should be taken according to the site conditions.

4. It is forbidden to weld in rain and snow. If it is necessary to apply welding, take measures against rain and snow.