Gas shielded welder safety technical operation procedures(2)

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 21:00

5. When welding near a place that may cause a fire, necessary fire-fighting equipment must be available. When the welder leaves the site, the site must be inspected to ensure that no fire is left behind.

6. When welding in metal containers, special personnel should be set up to keep the container well ventilated. The lamp voltage used in the container shall not exceed 12V, and the casing of the street lamp shall be reliably grounded, and the self-coupled transformer shall not be used.

7. The atmospheric pressure sealed container shall not be welded.

8. Remove metal spatter adhering to the nozzle at any time.

9. Pay attention to the C02 gas inventory in the C02 cylinder at any time, and the residual pressure should not be less than 1Mpa.

10. After the gas shielded welding machine is finished, it is forbidden to touch the welding torch tip by hand.

11. Regularly clean the welder; check the wire feed hose regularly and do not block it by dirt.

12. After the operation is finished, disconnect the power supply and clean the toilet.