Drilling machine safety technical operation procedures

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 21:04

First, the operator must be familiar with the basic structure of the machine tool, performance and transmission system, lubrication parts, electrical and other basic knowledge and maintenance methods, the operator must pass the assessment before they can operate.

Second, to do before the work:

1. Check the oil quantity of the oil storage part of the lubrication system should meet the requirements and be well sealed. Manually refuel according to the lubrication indicator chart to see if the oil window is coming from the oil.

2must tighten the clothing, sleeves, wear a work cap, protective glasses, work should check the correct position of each handle, should make the change handle in the positioning position, it is strictly prohibited to wear scarves, gloves, skirts, sandals, High heels are on duty. Do not wear gloves when working.

3. Check the machine tool, guide rail and each main sliding surface. If there are obstacles, tools, iron filings, impurities, etc., it must be cleaned, wiped clean and oiled.

4. Check the safety protection and reversing devices should be complete.

5. Check whether the operating handles, switches, etc. are flexible, accurate and reliable.

6. Check that the electrical grounding is good.


Third, work hard to do 

1. Stick to the post, meticulously operate, and do nothing to do with work. Stop when you leave the machine and turn off the power.

2. Processing according to the process regulations. It is not allowed to increase the amount of cutting and cutting speed arbitrarily. It is not allowed to use the machine tool for over-standard, overload and overweight.

3. When using the drill bit, wipe the taper shank hole cleanly. When loading or unloading the drill bit or the clamp, use the specified tool and do not hit it at will.

4. The workpiece is firmly clamped on the workbench, working on a vise or a special fixture. Be sure to place the block under the work when drilling the through hole to avoid damage to the work surface.

5. The diameter of the hole shall not exceed the maximum diameter allowed by the drill press.

6. It is strictly forbidden to drive the shifting gear during work. If shifting is required, the car must be stopped and then shifted. Otherwise, an accident will occur, causing the gear teeth to be knocked off.

7. When drilling small and thin workpieces during work, it is necessary to clamp the drill holes with pliers. It is strictly forbidden to hold the workpiece directly by hand, so as to avoid the workpiece from being wounded.

8. When using the radial drilling machine, be sure to fix the rocker arm after the position of the hole to be machined.