Drilling machine safety technical operation procedures(2)

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 21:04

9. After using the radial drilling machine, lower the rocker arm to the lowest position and move the gearbox to the column end.

10. When the drill bit is close to the machining surface or the hole is drilled, the force should not be too strong; when the drill bit is replaced, the machine tool is cleaned, and when the workpiece is removed, the rotation of the shaft should be stopped.

11. It is strictly forbidden to clean iron scraps by hand during work. Be sure to use special tools for cleaning iron scraps to avoid accidents.

12. When using automatic walking, be careful not to let the workbench reach the two extremes, so as not to damage the lead screw and pull the corresponding steering wheel.

13. The operator is not allowed to leave the job during work. If he needs to leave, he should stop at any time to avoid accidents.


Fourth, work hard after work:

1. Pull the mechanical operating handle, switch, etc. to the non-working position.

2. Stop the machine running and cut off the power and air supply.

3. Remove iron filings, clean the work site, and clean the machine tool carefully. The rail surface, the rotating and sliding surfaces, the positioning reference surface, the work surface, etc. are refueled and maintained. It is strictly forbidden to use a dirty cotton sandpaper with iron filings to wipe the machine tool to avoid straining the machine guide surface.