Polishing mechanical lathe safety operation procedures

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 21:08

First, the basic precautions for safe operation

1. Wear overalls before operation, fasten clothes and cuffs, do not open work clothes, do not wear gloves, do not wear or change clothes around the machine, or cloth around the body to prevent machine strain. Do not wear sandals or slippers. Wear protective goggles to prevent iron splashes from damaging the eyes;

2. Before the lathe starts, the labor protection products must be properly worn according to the requirements of safe operation. The machine parts and protective devices must be carefully checked for safety, safety, reliability, lubrication and lubrication, and run at low speed and no load for 2-3 minutes. Check if the machine is running normally.


Second, preparation before work

1. Pre-heating should be carried out before the machine tool starts work. Check whether the lubrication system works normally (whether the lubricating oil is sufficient and the coolant is sufficient). If the machine tool has not been activated for a long time, firstly supply the oil to each part by manual means;

2the tool used should be consistent with the specifications allowed by the machine tool, and the tool with serious damage should be replaced in time;

3. The tools used to adjust the tool should not be forgotten in the machine tool;

4. Whether the center hole of the large-size shaft parts is suitable, the center hole is too small, and it is easy to be dangerous during work;

5. Check the state of the chuck clamping work;

6. When loading and unloading the chuck and heavy workpiece, the board should be covered with wood or rubber.

Third, the safety precautions in the work process

1. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to wear gloves. It is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating part of the machine by hand. It is strictly forbidden to transport objects through the lathe during lathe operation. Loading and unloading workpieces, installing tools, refueling, and cleaning chips should be stopped. Remove iron chips and apply brushes or hooks. Do not clean by hand.

2. When the machine is running, it is not allowed to measure the workpiece. It is not allowed to use the hand to brake the rotating chuck. When using sandpaper, it should be placed on the file. It is forbidden to wear gloves and sandpaper. The worn sandpaper is not allowed to be used. Anti-car.

3. The workpiece is machined according to the technical requirements of the machine tool to avoid the accident caused by overload of the machine tool.

4. When machining and cutting, the knife should be withdrawn when parking. For cutting long shafts, the center frame must be used to prevent the workpiece from bending and deforming; the length of the bar that protrudes into the bed should not exceed the vertical axis of the bed, and it should be processed slowly, and should be protected when it is extended. 

5. When cutting at high speed, there should be a protective cover. The workpiece and tool should be fixed firmly. When the iron filings are severely splashed, the baffle should be installed around the machine to isolate it from the operating area.