Polishing mechanical lathe safety operation procedures(2)

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 21:08

6. When the machine is running, the operator can't leave the machine. If the machine is not working properly, stop immediately and ask the repairman to check and repair. When a sudden power failure occurs, immediately turn off the machine and remove the tool from the work area.

7. When working, you must stand sideways in the operating position, and prohibit the body from facing the rotating workpiece.

8. The lathe is not working properly, there is abnormal sound or abnormal phenomenon, the bearing temperature is too high, stop immediately, and report to the site management personnel.

9. Iron filings, aluminum scraps, and residual materials near the work area should be cleaned in time to avoid personal injury caused by accumulation.

Fourth, the precautions after the work is completed

1. Remove chips and wipe the machine to keep the machine and the environment clean.

2. Pay attention to check or replace the oil inspection board on the machine guide rail damaged by the grinding.

3. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant and add or replace them in time.

4. Turn off the power and main power of the machine in turn.

5. Clean the site hygiene, fill in the equipment usage record