Polishing mechanical assembly operation procedures

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 21:15

1. Obey the general fitter's safe operation procedures and strictly follow the common tools and equipment safety operation rules of the fitter.


2. Place the assembled parts in order on the parts storage rack and assembly station. If the parts are transported by mechanized transport equipment, check and understand that the transport equipment is normal, and then send an assembly signal to the person in charge of the assembly line.


3. Install parts and measure according to assembly process requirements. For assembly on the assembly line, unnecessary work, cards, and gauges must be removed from the product before assembly is completed, and the next station is notified of the assembly.


4. Do not walk or transfer objects across the assembly line when the assembly line is moving or continuously.


5. When using electric or pneumatic wrenches, the relevant safety regulations should be observed. When not in use, the electric and dampers should be closed immediately and placed in a fixed position.


6. Press the press part with the press, the part should be placed in the center of the indenter, the base should be firm, and the clamping tool should be used to press the small part.


7. Pay attention to the safety of the surrounding personnel and themselves in the work, prevent the tools from being waved, the tools fall off, the workpiece and the iron filings splash and cause damage. The multi-person operation must have unified command, pay attention to coordination and coordination, and the actions should be consistent.


8. Lifting and carrying heavy objects should comply with the safe operation procedures of lifting workers, hook workers and porters, and cooperate closely with the trainers. When many people pull the installation equipment or carry other heavy objects, the operators must obey the unified signal command. Prevent crushing, crushing or mast hitting and pressing the foot.


9. Check the ladder before the work at height, whether the foot and the hand frame are reliable, the tool must be placed in the tool bag, not allowed to be placed in other places, to prevent fall and injury, the seat belt should be tied, and tied to a firm structure. On the top, no hard-soled shoes are allowed, and it is not allowed to throw things down.