Polishing mechanical assembly operation procedures(2)

 Announcements     |      2018-08-27 21:15

10, the use of ladders to climb high to have anti-slip measures, the slope of the ladder should be 60 ° angle is appropriate, the upper and lower ladders should be checked whether it is firm, there must be someone to support, there must be a strong leash in the ladder.


11. For the dynamic balancing of parts, it is necessary to comply with the safe operation rules of the dynamic balancing machine and the implementation according to the process requirements. Unrelated personnel should not approach the dynamic balancing machine in operation. When static balance, do not touch the workpiece shaft, and do not lift the workpiece to the upper and lower workpieces to avoid crushing the fingers.


12. Before the product is tested, the protective and safety devices should be installed firmly and check whether there are any remnants in the machine. It is strictly forbidden to deliver the test vehicle if there is a problem with the safety device.