Precautions for using of CNC tank polishing machine

 Company News     |      2018-10-19 14:50

The CNC tank polishing machine independently developed by Xinyida has greatly improved the deburring, chamfering, de-flashing, descaling and descaling of small and medium-sized precision workpieces, eliminating the processing line, polishing, fine polishing and mirror polishing performance. Beyond the expensive imported tank polishing machine equipment, many domestic production companies directly benefit.


Tank Polishing Machine is a mechanical grinding device consisting of a base, a stroke mechanism, a polishing head, a polishing cover and a polishing cover. The motor is fixed on the base, and the taper sleeve of the fixed disc is connected to the motor shaft through a screw. The polishing fabric is fixed to the optical disc by a ring, and after the motor is turned on, pressure can be applied to the turntable for polishing.

The polishing liquid added during the polishing process can be placed on the square plate beside the polishing machine through the drain of the plastic plate fixed to the base. The polishing cover and cover prevent dust and other debris from falling on the polishing cloth when the machine is not in use.

Tank Polishing Machine Command: Determine if the power supply is connected before use. Lower the handle and press the bumper to activate the machine switch. Before using the grinding wheel, check whether the fastener is loose. If any, it should be repaired and tightened. Pay attention to the crack of the grinding wheel. It can be hammered. The crisp sound is used after about 30 minutes of no-load operation.