Common problems and solutions in the grinding process of cylinder with abrasive belt(2)

 Feature Articles     |      2018-08-27 21:30

Contact roll marks (or tension roll marks)

1. The contact roller is not round and re-grinding the roller

2. The tension roller is not worn out and is trimmed or replaced.

3. Adhesive debris on the roller to clean the roller, re-grind the contact roller, trim or replace the tension roller.

4. The motor drive pulley and contact roller pulley are not in line. The V-belt is too tight or too loose, causing a continuous impact, causing streaks or vibration-correcting pulleys on the rollers. Install the V-belt correctly for smooth operation. Use a matching triangle.

Belt joint mark

1. The belt joint that is too hard or too thick is replaced by the belt of the correct joint

2. For the abrasive grain size used, the contact rolls are too hard, and the harder rolls are used, which makes it easier to increase the joint area load.

3. Round tube sanding is used to change the roller, and it is used according to the hardness of the contact roller and the particle size used.

4. The load (working pressure) is too light, causing only the belt joint to come into contact with the workpiece. Increase the pressure on the workpiece.