Introduction of automatic polishing machine(2)

 Feature Articles     |      2018-09-02 22:38

Automatic rough throwing machine:

The polishing machine is a kind of automatic roughing machine, also known as CNC numerical control polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, grinding machine, CNC sharpening and grinding machine, CNC numerical control polishing machine.

Polishing machine throwing operation:

The key is to try to get the maximum polishing rate in order to remove the damage layer from the polishing as quickly as possible. At the same time, the polishing damage layer will not affect the final observed tissue, ie, it will not cause false tissue. The former requires the use of coarser abrasives to ensure a higher polishing rate to remove the polished damage layer, but the polishing damage layer is also deeper; the latter requires the use of the finest material to make the polishing damage layer shallower, but polished The rate is low. The best way to resolve this contradiction is to divide the polishing into two phases. 

The purpose of rough polishing is to remove the polished damage layer. This stage should have the maximum polishing rate. The surface damage caused by rough polishing is a secondary consideration, but it should be as small as possible. Secondly, fine polishing (or final polishing). Its purpose is to remove surface damage caused by rough polishing and minimize polishing damage. The automatic polishing machine is relatively simple to operate, and the operator only needs to place the object to be polished on the corresponding fixture beforehand. Secure the clamp to the automatic polisher table. The automatic polishing machine is started, and the automatic polishing machine finishes the polishing work within the set time, and automatically stops, and the object can be removed from the workbench. Before the automatic polishing machine is polished, the distance between the polishing head and the work surface needs to be adjusted. In order to achieve the best contact results, throw the best results. Manual waxing can be used during polishing to reduce machine manufacturing costs.


Polishing effect:

To achieve the polishing effect, it mainly depends on the use of the process. What kind of polishing accessories are used. The factors that affect the polishing effect are: material to be polished, polishing accessories, and process arrangement. The materials are different and the process is different. This is a drawback of an automatic polishing machine and represents the great potential of an automatic polishing machine. Generally, there are masters who have been engaged in automatic polishing for many years. It is possible to test the polishing process.

Simply put, such as plastic polishing, the motor used is slower, and friction generates heat that can burn objects. The polishing accessories used are soft, fine, and the like. During the process arrangement, if surface treatment is performed, a polishing test, an aging test, and the like are performed. A formal business will set up a position to take charge of this work. The job title is the craftsman. A good craftsman is also one of the guarantees for the polishing effect.



Automated polishers are used in the following industries: Almost all industries that require surface treatment require an automatic polisher. Such as wood, furniture industry such as flat wood, furniture metal handles and other workpiece sanding; hardware (metal) materials and products aluminum profiles and products, stainless steel products and utensils, copper profiles and products, plumbing and sanitary equipment, locks, lighting products , signage nameplate, hardware craft jewelry, knife and scissors, door hinges, car bicycle parts, tableware, shackle products, buttons, belt buckles, mobile phone casings, watch industry and other workpiece sanding; electronic parts, Electronic equipment such as electronic parts, flat sanding and so on. Hardware Factory, Electronics Factory, Hardware Plastic Factory, Hardware Furniture Factory, Handicraft Factory, Decorative Hardware Factory, Construction Hardware Factory, Polishing Factory, Oxidation Factory, Electroplating Factory, Metal Products Factory, Aluminum Products Factory, Copper Products Factory, Petrochemical Industry, etc.