Introduction of automatic polishing machine(3)

 Feature Articles     |      2018-09-02 22:38

Single set of tube twill automatic polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of stainless steel tubes, aluminum tubes, iron pipes and other hardware furniture tubes, and the twill processing of decorative tubes, especially after nickel plating and bronze, the drawing effect is better, the quality is stable, and the efficiency is high. .

The two sets of round tube automatic polishing machine are suitable for sanding, polishing and wire drawing of round tubes (rods) of various hardware pieces.



Improve multiple functions such as burr, chamfer, polishing and washing

For irregular parts, hole-shaped, tubular and other dead angles, crevices, etc. can be polished

Customized time, fast processing speed, simple and safe operation

Variable frequency adjustment to meet various polishing needs

End reminder, can remind the polishing is completed, can operate multiple units by one person

Voltage, current, frequency and time can be monitored, concise and clear

The polishing process does not require manual intervention