Mechanical polishing machine in the production of standard parts

 Company News     |      2018-09-26 17:36

The standard parts are mechanical standard parts, which are inseparable from the mechanical polishing machine in the production process, including the production of fasteners, joints, transmission parts, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings and other mechanical parts.


In the production and processing of standard parts, derusting and polishing are the most basic processes and important production processes. The polishing process of the standard parts can improve the surface finish of the standard parts, so that it can reduce the movement resistance and reduce the friction in the application.

The mechanical polishing machine is a device for surface treatment of round metal objects. The motor drives the polishing wheel to rotate at a high speed. By rubbing the surface of the workpiece to produce a high-brightness, impurities, solder joints and rust on the surface of the workpiece can be obtained. The traces are cleaned, and the original size of the workpiece is hardly affected after polishing, which can improve the polishing efficiency in the standard part production process.