Mechanical engineer/assistant

Job Description: Mainly the rectification and development of polishing equipment

Work content:

In the early stage, there were old employees.

1 Independently design new products or improvements according to product content requirements;

2 can independently assemble and debug products designed by themselves;

3 Business trip debugging.

Skill requirements:

1 Proficiency in 3D graphics software such as Solid Work

2 Proficiency in 2D graphics software such as CAD

3 can provide reasonable design solutions with electronic and software engineers

4 Require teamwork and communication

5 Can accept travel debugging tasks (nationwide)


Equipment Sales Manager / Assistant

Job Description: Mainly related to sales of polishing equipment

Work content:

1 Responsible for regional market development, customer maintenance and sales management

2 Receiving visiting customers and comprehensively coordinating daily sales transactions

3 Do a good job in the signing, fulfillment and management of sales contracts, and coordinate the handling of various market issues.

4 Track the progress of the project, record and report on the implementation progress and implementation time of the project to ensure the smooth completion of the project;

Skill requirements:

1 Age 24-30 years old. Sales experience is preferred

2 Responsible for work, flexible, responsible and team spirit

3 Have good customer communication, interpersonal relationships and ability to maintain customer relationships

4 Strong entrepreneurial awareness, willing to grow with the company, the company has a broad promotion space